Eizi Suzuki
studying mainly plant ecology in Asian Tropical forests and Kagoshima
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Recent work
March 2015, We will have Congress of The Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ 62th) in Kagoshima University.
April 2014, I am appointed head of Kagoshima University Museum.

July 2010, we had an international workshop in Bali, Indonesia.
The following research program starts:
Rehabilitation process of tropical forest ecosystem  
through the interaction between plants and soil (from 2005-2007)

Financial Sponsor:
Global Environment Research Fund, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (May 2005)

PDF File of Plant in Halimun National Park, West Java.
Symposium about "Recent aspects of aging research" in  Japanese Biochemical Society Oct. 2003.
Study in Berau 2003 Abstract, Album
Study in Bearu, East Kalimantan. July- August,2002
Study in Merimbun, Burunei and its Seminar
Plants in Gn. Halimun National Park, Java Indonesia (Activity of JICA short term expert in 2002)
Study in Brunei Report Photograph of herbarium

Various fruits of Dipterocarpaceae except one.
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Professor of Plant Ecology Laboratory of Biodiversity
Earth and Environmental Sciences, Kagoshima University